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We loved each other

Salt and fresh waters dance

Spirit seeding

Rebuilding at Wheoh

The Dying Darling

A Botanical Garden tells stories



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William Gladstone
Story and Message
Paths can be parallel and yet moving in opposite directions.


Shell necklaces

Isle of Lewis

Tree spirit

Mystery Bay Ocean Dance

The Art of Making Images

Whales return to land

Ocean Dance (v6)

Ocean dance poem

Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan

Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan

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Permission given to Tracey Benson to share from co-author Desna Whaanga-Schollum
Story and Message
The Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan (the plan) was released in December 2016. It contains a set of proposals for improving the health and mauri of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. The non-statutory plan was developed over 3 years by a 14-member stakeholder working group. The group represented mana whenua, environmental groups, and the fishing, aquaculture and agriculture sectors.

Drawing with fire

The Silence: Puanga

Walking with the Ancients: Waters of the Past


Way of the Turtle: Exchanging Breath


Ammonite Aria in Cathedral of Thorns

Masson Range

Scientific modelling

New Species

Oceanic Sydney

Old Brain

Water energy

Oceanic Living Data: Sex in the sea

Seeding Treaty: Inclusion and cooperation

Southern Ocean Wrack

Beauty that was: Menindee Fish Kill

Beauty that was: Menindee Fish Kill

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Lisa Roberts in conversation with Rene Delmas, Jason Benedek, Eric Avery, Bonita Ely, Melissa Williams-Brown, Sandy Edwards, Cat Kutay, Michaael Lynch, Lisa Roberts, Maddison Gibbs, Janet Hughes, Sean Walsh
Story and Message
Art and science combine to give voice to a river.

Black man, white man

Ancestral spirits

Ocean health

Gumbayngirr story

Antarctic insights

Communication by pheromones

Aboriginal Memories of Inundation of the Australian Coast

Aboriginal Memories of Inundation of the Australian Coast

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Patrick D. Nunn & Nicholas J. Reid
Story and Message
Stories belonging to Australian Aboriginal groups tell of a time when the former coastline of mainland Australia was inundated by rising sea level.

Sea level rise 1920-2000

Spiral into time

Antarctic flows

Turning Cycle


Broulee Beach

Talara’tingi – How the Flannel Flower came to be

Ocean dance (v05)



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Jenny Fraser
Story and Message
Story: Underwater life inspires an Aboriginal aesthetic to communicate old and new cultures across languages and other borders. Message: Be yourself, follow your path / Tell your story your way

Algae give life to all.


Spirits make noise

krill sex