We loved each other

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Bass Strait, Carmel Bird, Lisa Roberts
System of Knowledge
Launcestion Tasmania/lutruwita
Fear of death changes a mother's love for her child

Carmel Bird wrote (in 2022): ‘The British claimed as their own the land that had for many thousands of years belonged to the Aboriginal people. A state of war, known as the Black Wars, existed between the invaders and the original landowners. The savage British imperialists liked to imagine they had eradicated the Aboriginal people, but in fact the people had survived, knowing themselves to be the true owners of the land.’

Lisa Roberts: When I heard Carmel’s story of the mother’s fear of death changing the love the mother had for the child, I thought about separations within my own family. Could it be that some of these were related to another fear? Did the dread of exposure of our roots in the ancient peoples of this land split my family in ways that appeared to me at the time to be incomprehensible? Her story also triggers memories of other people I have witnessed demonising Mother nature as a way of coping with their fear of her. Demonising the very victim of their abuse. I find great strength and courage in recognising the feelings in Carmel's story spiralling out from the personal to the universal.

Whale and krill

Whale and Krill, ancient ancestors of Humans

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