Oceanic Living Data: Sex in the sea

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Sue Andreson, Lisa Roberts, Steve Nichol, Caterina Mocciola et al. 2012
System of Knowledge
nipaluna (Hobart) / palawa kani
Circling, spiralling, crossing lines describe complex systems as a story evolves to reflect growing knowledge of Antarctica and its role in the global ecosystem.

Oceanic Living Data is a visualisation that evolves, like a scientific model, from conversations between scientists, but combined with subjective responses to the data and the stories that these tell. This iteration was presented at the 35th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Hobart, 11th June 2012 - 20th June 2012, and in the Living Data Atrium at the University of Technology Sydney, as part of the 2013 Ultimo Science Festival.

The title of this iteration, Sex in the Sea, comes from William Gladstone, Head of School of Life Science at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), who regularly presents a lecture of that name. Poetic languages of drawing, dance and music are combined with words that narrate the story that is evolving  from the scientific data. Together the art and data appeal to us for care, understand and conserve breeding grounds of Antarctic krill that are central to the marine food web, and to reflect on our dependence on a healthy Southern Ocean.

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