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Andrew Davidson, Ruth Eriksen, Lisa Roberts, Stephen Taberner / 2015-2020
System of Knowledge
Algae participate in setting our planet chemistry.


"...[R]eally the importance of these organisms... they're beautiful in their own right... their primary importance is in fact... in the way in which they participate... in all the processes... that actually set... our planetary chemistry... and... keep our ecology running... and all those sorts of things."
Andrew Davidson, Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), 2015

"....I record this Antarctic scientist explaining how phytoplankton (algae) participate in setting our planet chemistry. I trace and animate his gestures. I combine his gestures with Scanning Electron Microscopy by scientist Ruth Eriksen  (CSIRO/AAD), then set the animation to a song improvised by Spooky Man Stephen Taberner as he plays double bass in our front yard. As the song speaks of love and money and I imagine the dance of people around the world being part of the dance of phytoplankton."
Lisa Roberts, University of Technology Sydney, 2020

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