Oceanic Sydney

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Caterina Mocciola, Lawrence Wallen, Lisa Roberts, Asley Macqueen, Cariona Davies, Benn DeMole, Shane Dunn. 2012
System of Knowledge
Gadigal land (Sydney) / Dharuk, Gamaraygal, Iora
Sydney is under water in a curious inversion of terrestrial and marine environments.


"Dancers and musicians explore this new world. Observers are immersed in a curious inversion of terrestrial and marine environments. Performers awaken from a technological dream, improvising within scientific data projected onto plankton mesh. They recognise themselves in the rhythms of the sea and find within themselves the primal forms of an ancient choreography. Circling, spiralling and crossing forms combine in dance, music and animation to create a new world where humans reconnect to ancestral beings.

Plankton mesh suspended in the Customs House foyer invites you to feel part of the performance. Immerse yourself in Living Data: algae and other plankton, krill, seals and birds. Find the giant algae, Neptune's necklace, that dances in the rock pools along Sydney's beaches. And where are the humans?"

Caterina Mocciola. Program note, 2012

-33.8611, 151.2126
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