Black man, white man

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Marilyn Torrens 2020
System of Knowledge
Jubal Bunjalung
The connected and disconnected people come in all colours.

Marilyn Torrens  takes this photo in September 2019 during the terrible bushfires around Tabulam and Drake in northern NSW. She sends me the photo and asks: "Look closely at it. I can see a real old aboriginal and in the side of him I can see an old white man. Let me know if you can."

I say, "I can! I see ancestor spirits in the smoke. I see them both looking up into the sky"

The black and white faces make me think of Victor Steffensen who wrote, after sharing stories with with Indigenous people in Finland: "...Today the disconnected people come in all colours, from black, white, brindle and brown. There was a deepening understanding that I was starting to become aware of, and it seemed to be a connection that underpins us all." (Fire Country: How Indigenous fire management could help save Australia. 2020. p.118)

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