Communication by pheromones

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So Kawaguchi et al 2010
System of Knowledge
Antarctica / dance, animation
The entire mating dance of Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill) is seen for the first time on the sea floor.



Robyn Williams from ABC Radio introduces krill to NAIDOC Week: "...Well, it's now the end of NAIDOC week, when Australians celebrate Aboriginal culture. So it's entirely appropriate that our speaker, Dr. Lisa Roberts, shares a personal history of Indigenous traditions - looking at the land and at nature."

Lisa Roberts: "... I work with scientists as an artist, to expand and connect our understandings, of how living things (including humans) respond to climate change. Just recently someone found me on the Internet, and confirmed a family rumour of an Indigenous Australian ancestor on my mother's side. For me, this chance connection makes sense of what I do, and what I value..."

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